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Category: Useful general software [web browsers, graphics programs etc] (7)
Category: Useful general software (7)
web browsers, graphics programs etc
A great little program which will display just about any graphics image, do basic processing (resizing etc), display and print contact sheets and other useful things. (Download the main program from Tucows, and the plugins from the Irfanview site if you need them)
Mozilla/Firefox web browsers
Home of the Firefox web browser (and the Mozilla combined browser/email) - most highly rated by many magazines
Open Office
Open Source office suite able to read and write Microsoft-compatible files
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Free reader for pdf files - the format used for downloadable documents on this web site.
Apple Quicktime player
Add-in for your web browser enables you to play some of the movie files from the gallery. Can be downloaded free. Comes with Itunes.
RealPlayer video player
An alternative to Quicktime for playing the movies on this site. You will need to look very carefully for the free version. It needs to have its preferences set to play Quicktime movies.
PDF generator
Free software to allow you to create Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files - the preferred format for general distribution. Works exactly like printing. (You need to download two files - CutePDF itself, and the associated converter)

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